The Manchester Alphabet

Unveiling the new framed poster of the Manchester Alphabet (just £29 - cheap as chips) this Sunday at Spinningfields Market in Manchester. It's an A-Z of Manchester's musical, cultural and historical achievements.

Here are a few samples: 

G is for Gay Village, Gretton and Gaskell. Sing if you’re glad to be gay, as Tom Robinson said. Sing if you’re proud of Manchester’s pioneering spirit. Gretton (Rob), visionary and blagger who was brilliant and reckless in equal measure, but was the chief architect of the city’s musical revolution. Elizabeth Gaskell - underrated because she wasn’t Jane Austen or southern.

O is for Ogden (Stan and Hilda) and Oasis. Who needed Burton and Taylor when you had Stan and Hilda in Corrie? Noel Gallagher is the working class Oscar Wilde. Liam wears good shades.

The illustration features Morrissey, Strangeways, Stan and Hilda Ogden and Vimto - an eclectic little mix!

Eric Jackson