White Lion and Blossoms feature my framed Statement Artworks posters

Make mine a double! 

My work has just gone into another two fine pubs, on opposite sides of Manchester. The newly extended White Lion in Wrightington, close to Wigan, has put up five of my framed A3s posters - Lancashire, Northern Powerhouse, Wigan, Worsley and Eccles - while south of the city, in Stockport, the Blossoms pubs has put up my Stockport Alphabet A3 framed.

And as a lover of great beer and great pubs, that makes me very happy indeed!


My pictures in the new White Lion extension

My pictures in the new White Lion extension

The Stockport Alphabet in the Blossoms

The Stockport Alphabet in the Blossoms

Wigan poster for retiring former Labour Party Chairman

Sir Ian McCartney, the former MP for  Makerfield, who held posts in the Labour government's Cabinet and was also Party Chairman, received a framed Wigan poster by artist Eric Jackson to mark his retirement from local politics.

The presentation was made by incumbent Makerfield MP, Yvonne Fovargue, on behalf of the constituency. Sir Ian, whose latest role was head of Healthwatch Wigan, is moving back to Scotland.

The Wigan poster is one of over 25 images designed by former Manchester Evening News arts editor, TV critic and travel editor Eric Jackson, who quit journalism last year to return to his first love of painting.

Working under the company name of Statement Artworks, Eric sells his 'modern retro' posters, which combine the look of old travel posters with edgy, tongue-in-cheek messages, at markets and at various galleries and shops through the Greater Manchester and Cheshire region.

You can see his full range of work at www.statementartworks.com

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Wigan poster from Statement Artworks

Wigan hasn't just got pies - as folklore would have it - but also plenty of balls...rugby balls, footballs (the town can accommodate clubs of both codes) and Uncle Joe's Mint Balls. Of course it was also the epicentre of Northern Soul and its 'pier' inspired the author George Orwell. For this poster I've borrowed the imagery of Soviet era propaganda, in keeping with the red of the Mint Balls logo. Come the glorious revolution, it will be free Mint Balls all-round. Or perhaps not!

This poster is available to buy, unframed, from Statement Artworks (www.statementartworks.com) or framed at selected galleries and markets around the north west.

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