Hats off to Offerton

Although I'd driven through it a thousand times on the way to the amazing Vernon and Woodbank parks, I'd never noticed the old Battersby hat factory in Offerton, Stockport, just along from the Finger Post pub. It's got that striking water tower - but more importantly the giant letter B on two sides. What a godsend for an idea for a poster, which I think has a definite world war 2 look about it. While the tower was the inspiration, I have to thank the lovely Imogen Francesca Hart, one of my fellow traders, who was the model for the poster. Chorlton-based Imogen is the boss of The Sardinistas, which specialises in Portuguese products, especially those fabulous tinned sardines. The first prints of the Offerton poster will be produced next week, but I am also doing a limited edition of 20 specially marked A2 posters, which I am selling ready framed for £150. www.statementartworks.com

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This is the North by Eric Jackson, Statement Artworks

That errant 'r', pronounced in bath and path, and probably a few other words, by people from the south of England, is just wrong, wrong, wrong - a stupid affectation probably brought over by the Normans, whose linguistic influence generally stopped at the point now known as the Watford gap. The little 'r' is the one thing that truly separates northerners and southerners. In most other respects we're exactly the same, at least genetically. This poster is available at markets around the Greater Manchester and Cheshire area, and online from statementartworks.com

That little 'r' - the true definer of where you are from in England

That little 'r' - the true definer of where you are from in England