A4, A3 and A2 framed prints (white or black frames)

I don't post these, and they are not available online, but I will deliver if you live in the Greater Manchester/Cheshire are. They cost:

A4 - £40

A3 -£60

A2 - £80

Delivery is £5 extra

Greetings cards

Just pick your favourite posters for the most individual card on the market, or even a pack of your choosing, with that special northern message.  They cost £3 each, plus postage. Minimum order four cards. Not available online - contact me directly on statementartworks@gmail.com


These are £8 plus postage, but are subject to availability. Not available online.

Bespoke Manchester Alphabet (and others too, if you fancy)

I started doing them as presents for friends, but now they are taking off with the public - my bespoke Manchester Alphabet posters. So in this example, I've changed the original P is for....to P is for Phil Jones, who is my mate over the road. I've added some other details and used his name in the headline too. All I charge for the work is an extra tenner on top of the framed and poster prices. Just contact me on statementartworks@gmail.com if you fancy having one done for you, a friend or relative. And if you live in Sale, check out my Sale poster on www.statementartworks.com - the strap line at the bottom could easily carry your name or street or both!

The original...

The original...

And a bespoke version...

And a bespoke version...