Make a statement with your art!

This Sunday we are at the West Didsbury Makers Market and the Treacle Maket in Macclesfield. Can't find your way to those places? Well you'll be wasting your time consulting my map of the British Isles, but you can hang it on your wall. Yep, my new poster is now for sale in A4 size at the markets, and any size you like online. See you on Sunday!

Map of the British Isles

Hats off to Offerton

Although I'd driven through it a thousand times on the way to the amazing Vernon and Woodbank parks, I'd never noticed the old Battersby hat factory in Offerton, Stockport, just along from the Finger Post pub. It's got that striking water tower - but more importantly the giant letter B on two sides. What a godsend for an idea for a poster, which I think has a definite world war 2 look about it. While the tower was the inspiration, I have to thank the lovely Imogen Francesca Hart, one of my fellow traders, who was the model for the poster. Chorlton-based Imogen is the boss of The Sardinistas, which specialises in Portuguese products, especially those fabulous tinned sardines. The first prints of the Offerton poster will be produced next week, but I am also doing a limited edition of 20 specially marked A2 posters, which I am selling ready framed for £150.

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The War of the Roses (continued) - Lancashire or Yorkshire, by Eric Jackson

The Singing Ringing Tree sound sculpture stands high on the moors close to Burnley, and most importantly, on the Lancashire side of the border with Yorkshire. When the wind blows, its tubular steel construction gives off an eerie, enchanting whistle. Of course, this isn't aimed to denigrate our lovely friends from Yorkshire. We never tire of hearing how Yorkshire is the greatest country in Britain, with the best beer and the best food and the best scenery. A quote heard on a recent flight to Hamburg, said by a Yorkshire bloke on a stag do to a German man in the next seat: "The next time you come to England you should forget about Manchester or Liverpool or London. They're rubbish compared to Yaarkshire. Yaarkshire's got everything. Go to Leeds - it's brilliant." He didn't, of course, mention anything about football. The models, by the way, are my beautiful friends and neighbours in Cale Green, Simon and Mandy Morrison and their daughter Emma. The poster is available from, selected local galleries and shops and the best markets in the north west.


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Timperley wins by a head...

Timperley, the home of the late, great Frank Sidebottom, is one of those places that instantly evokes the description of 'nice'...a safe, pleasant, middle-of-the-road suburb of Altrincham. But as we all know, things aren't always what they seem. How else could it have inspired something as surreal as Frank? And what's normal or nice anyway once you get behind closed doors? Think about that the next time you go for a pint at the Stonemasons Arms in the village centre...

This poster is available from Statement Artworks (, from numerous markets around the north west and some shops and galleries.