Altrincham and Macclesfield markets this weekend

This weekend we are are at Altrincham Market (Saturday and Sunday) and Treacle Market in Macclesfield (Sunday). Both absolute crackers, and I’ll be selling my recent Stockport Alphabet and Manc-hattan, along with Altrincham, Hale, Bowdon, Macclesfield, Bollington and Poynton (naturally). In the near future there are some very exciting developments coming up (can’t reveal what just yet), and new posters of Monton and Edgeley are on the drawing board.

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A Manchester Odyssey!

When Lawrence and Rebecca Cray came to buy some posters off me at Urmston market, they couldn’t make up their minds about which ones to buy. They had lived in Worsley and Eccles, and also close to the Mancunian Way. Now they were living in Urmston. I’d done posters of all those places, even one featuring the Mancunian Way, but they were torn.

So hey, bingo, they thought they would have all four in one! The Result is the Manchester Odyssey of the Crays, where I’ve melded all four posters into one with new typography.

The poster is now taking pride of place in their living room above the fireplace.

So now you know - if you want anything bespoke, just ask. I can’t change the background images but I can do anything with the words.

Just email me on

Here is the finished result and all the original posters.

All this weekend we are at Altrincham Market.

crays GREY.jpg
Urmston poster small.jpg
worsley for web.jpg
Eccles for web.jpg

Cheadle Hulme, Bramhall, Hazel Grove and Pickmere Lake

The commission was to do three posters for a local estage agent without being boring or corporate, and getting in a little joke too. Well if you live in Bramhall, Cheadle Hulme or Hazel Grove you should appreciate these works - which will be used by Snapes estate agents in their summer promotional material.

I've also just finished a commission for Pickmere near Knutsford, which was once THE destination for working class families from Manchester looking for some Cheshire weekend fresh air in them there olden days. There used to be a funfair, pleasure cruiser and rowing boats on the picturesque lake, plus lots more. The poster sort of tells the story.

Now it's mostly returned to nature, but there's a great cafe and fun events from May to October. The poster, along with cards, magnets, mugs and mounts, is available to buy at the cafe, or directly from me.

Curve appeal of Cheadle Hulme.

Curve appeal of Cheadle Hulme.

Parklife, Bramhall style

Parklife, Bramhall style

The sun always shines in Hazel Grove.

The sun always shines in Hazel Grove.

Pickmere - charas came by the score.

Pickmere - charas came by the score.

Personalised poster for Urmston couple Neal and David

Two great lads who admitted to being 'economic refugees' from Hale and have bought a more affordable house in Urmston, commissioned me to do a special personalised poster.
And with a few tweaks of my Urmston poster, Neal and David got their very own bespoke framed version for their new home. If you fancy a personalied poster, based on any of my images (over 45 and counting) then just contact me on Check out the full range of my work at My posters are all about the people and places of the north, with a heavy dose of fun thrown in, and I just love adapting them to feature names, streets, whatever you like. Here are the two versions of the Urmston poster.

This Sunday we are doing the West Didsbury Makers Market and Treacle Market in Macclesfield. See you there.

Cheers - Eric



The original Urmston poster

The original Urmston poster

...and the bespoke version

...and the bespoke version

Making Manchester even more magnificent

Here is my Manchester Manifesto, contained in my latest poster (see below). Forget the left, the right or the centre, if we followed this path, everything in the world (well, south of Preston and north of Macclesfield) would be just dandy. So stick that in your London-centric pipes, Corbyn and May, and smoke it. The Manchester Manifesto is on sale, along with my newly-adapted Mancunian Way birthday card (also below), at Altrincham Market on Friday, Saturday and Sunday over Easter, and at Knutsford Market on Sunday. See you there.

Birmingham, England’s second city? You’ve got to be joking.

Half an hour off the train journey  to London – who cares?

Of lazy London-centric media folk who use ‘grim’ or ‘oop’ whenever they refer to the north.

Eccles or Chorley ones, please.

It’s either King Colin of Bell or King Eric of Cantona.

Station Approach by Elbow, an ode to Piccadilly, the gateway to the best city in the world.

Those Yorkshire folk have got to be stopped migrating over the Pennines to civilisation somehow.

No child shall be encouraged to support Liverpool. Ever! Same goes for Leeds United and Chelsea.

In honour of Tony Wilson, our late spiritual leader.

Recognise the right of the trendy enclave to operate entirely according to its own liberal, yoghurt-knitting, vegan agenda. Build its new parliament as an extension to the Unicorn co-operative vegan superstore.

Old Toms all round, on prescription! The beer, one of Greater Manchester’s strongest and produced by Robinsons Brewery, is laughing juice and after two you’re barely stable. So lovely though.

Nothing new there, but let’s not do any more of that 24-hour stuff.

Let’s call a truce with our nice Scouse neighbours over in Liverpool. Don’t like that idea? Well just calm down, calm down.

There's the left, the right or the centre. Then there's bang on!

There's the left, the right or the centre. Then there's bang on!

Happy birthday, Mancunian Way style

Happy birthday, Mancunian Way style

From Whalley Range to London via Stockport!

That's four boardrooms I'm in now! Last week I took six framed posters to JL Advisory LLP, an accountancy firm in central Stockport. This picture shows the three landscape shaped posters, while the portrait shaped ones are out of shot. The partners picked the images according to where they all live, hence the Heatons, Whalley Range, Stockport and Poynton. They added the Manchester Powerhouse and London posters just because they liked them, I presume.

I actually customised all the posters to include the company name, which is shown on the Stockport poster below.

Thanks ladies, great doing business with you.

If you would like me to do the same for your company, please contact me on

Cheers - Eric

posters for pip.jpeg
whalley range for web.jpg



london poster final for web etc.jpg
heatons for web.jpg
poynton facebook.jpg
manchester powerhouse new small.jpg

MANCUNIAN WAY, by Eric Jackson, Statement artworks

The Mancunian way is not to be confused with the Mancunian Way. The former - the mindset and spirit of the city's people - is very special indeed. However, the road of that name, with a capital W, is about as horrible as it gets. Has anyone ever travelled on it and not be gripped by terror at where to come off and what lane to use, or indeed where the bloody hell they are? My Gran used to have a flat right next to it in All Saints, and she'd say, " Eric, i love it here, because the lights at night are fabulous, what with all the different colours and the speed. Champion." She said champion - a sadly dying northernism - quite a lot, but on the subject of the Mancunian Way I had to disagree with her. Not champion, Gran! So you're not likely to see a smiling couple on a Vespa any time soon on the Mancunian Way, buy hey, I love Vespas, and I quite like couples who smile while motorbiking (see the film Priceless), and I love Manchester, in spite of the Mancunian Way! Great Ancoats Street - now there's a road - and being transformed into something amazing. Go to the Port Street Beer House, and then go for a wander. My Gran and I did that years ago when it was the heart of the textile industry, and it still sends a tingle down my spine.



The MANCUNIAN WAY, by Eric Jackson,

The MANCUNIAN WAY, by Eric Jackson,

My posters in Niche Consulting boardroom

Most of my posters and associated products are usually bought by individiuals, but occasionally i get orders from firms in the region.

Recently it was my pleasure to supply a number of framed posters to Niche Consulting in Eccles, a company that specialises in health and social care work.

I dealt with one of the partners, Kate Jury, who had previously bought some smaller works off me at the Treacle Market in Macclesfield.

When I called at the offices, I found Kate and the rest of the firm really welcoming and enthusiastic about my posters.

Says Kate: "We were in the process of trying to give our office a new 'identity' and found Eric's artwork by chance. We knew instantly that his work would be perfect for us and we love the way that he pokes (always kind) fun at suburban characteristics in and around Manchester and the North.

"The really difficult thing was trying to choose which pictures to buy as we could have bought the entire back catalogue! In the end it came down to a vote and purchased 8 large ones and 3 small ones - we are delighted with how they look.

"Eric also provides superb customer service and, if you get chance to have a cuppa with him, he is a fantastically interesting fellow with some great insights and stories".

The feeling was entirely mutual. Such a fabulous bunch of people!


Just three of the posters in the Niche Consulting boardroom

Just three of the posters in the Niche Consulting boardroom

Whalley Range poster by Eric Jackson, Statement Artworks

Whalley Range. Just the name sounds Wild West. Well, it was wild once, in the sense that drugs and prostitution were its main industries. But now the 'prozzies' have been replaced, slowly, by professionals, and it's becoming so gentrified that the term 'ChoBo' has been coined, by estate agents, to indicate it's the 'Chorlton borders.' Sick, obviously, but let's not forget the fact that Whalley Range possesses some of the finest buildings and streets in the whole of Manchester. It's real, old Manchester. Gritty and gorgeous in equal amounts, rich and poor, trendy and trackies cheek by jowl. And to cap it all there's the Carlton Club, as old school as you can get, but more wonderful and special than any arsey posers' club in the city centre. You'd have to be a real wally not to love Whalley Range. Love goes out to Laurence Hopkins, a mate and one-time resident of the Range, who helped me with the research.


Whalley Range poster

Framed A2 Sale poster by Statement Artworks

It's a strong and stable composition...or is it a composition of chaos? Hey, who cares about cheap slogans, it's just a picture painted by me about Sale in Greater Manchester, or is that Cheshire, or should we just say Trafford? Goddamit, why can't things be clear-cut in life? One thing I do know, though, is that this is my first framed A2 print of my new Sale picture (it's signed accordingly), and it's going on sale (more confusion) this Saturday and Sunday at Altrincham market, for £50, or you can reserve it, by emailing on First come first serve, first past the post, that sort of thing, just to labour the political metaphor. Anybody would think some kind of strange, weird election had taken place! Of course I'll have lots of smaller framed and mounted versions, too. We are also at the Northern Quarter market on Sunday.

And just one last thing. Went to London on Monday and Tuesday, and my London poster (also attached) never seemed more appropriate. Had a great time in Twickenham (very nice) with our lovely mates, and then it went downhill in the city itself. Southwark, home of Tate Modern, used to be our favourite bit, but now it looks like an even worse Dubai - crap apartment blocks creating wind tunnels, noice, congestion and a dystopian cityscape straight out of Orwell. Vile, and then we paid over £10 for two pints in a bog-standard pub. How do people cope with that? Ah, that train to Piccadilly...

Anyway, hope to bump into you in wonderful Altrincham and theNorthern Quarter over the weekend.

A2 framed Sale poster
London poster



Eccles poster by Eric Jackson, Statement Artworks

Do you know Eccles has one of the finest restaurants in the north west? Put it this way, if Smiths was in London, Giles Coren would think it was the best thing since sliced Prosciutto. It's not all good, though - the one-way system is like entering the third circle of hell. It's a pity, because within it there's the Church Street area, which would not be out of place in a quaint market town or village. Of course, Eccles is famous for its cakes, which are beyond wonderful. Just don't mention Chorley...

This poster is available through

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The Heatons of Stockport poster by Eric Jackson, Statement Artworks

Go on, you've heard it so many times, haven't you? Strike up a conversation with anyone from the Heatons, especially Heaton Moor, and you'll get: "It's just like Didsbury, with so many great shops, bars and restaurants, and the houses are amazing, but so much more affordable." And then you'll hear the 'added value' bit. "And it's so much easier to get into the countryside and the Peak District here, yet we can still get into town in 15 minutes on the train. And we've even got the 192 bus every minute."

Now they've got the revamped, Art Deco style Savoy cinema to boast about too, and who can blame them? It's a stonker of a place. See the latest movie then pop over to Damson, one of the hippest restaurants in the north west.

The four Heatons - Moor, Mersey, Chapel and Norris - form the trendiest corner of Stockport, giving the town a much-neeed cachet. If that gold dust could be sprinkled over the regeneration projects currently sweeping Stockport, then the town will once again be able to lure in the visitors from the affluent suburbs.

This poster is available through

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The War of the Roses (continued) - Lancashire or Yorkshire, by Eric Jackson

The Singing Ringing Tree sound sculpture stands high on the moors close to Burnley, and most importantly, on the Lancashire side of the border with Yorkshire. When the wind blows, its tubular steel construction gives off an eerie, enchanting whistle. Of course, this isn't aimed to denigrate our lovely friends from Yorkshire. We never tire of hearing how Yorkshire is the greatest country in Britain, with the best beer and the best food and the best scenery. A quote heard on a recent flight to Hamburg, said by a Yorkshire bloke on a stag do to a German man in the next seat: "The next time you come to England you should forget about Manchester or Liverpool or London. They're rubbish compared to Yaarkshire. Yaarkshire's got everything. Go to Leeds - it's brilliant." He didn't, of course, mention anything about football. The models, by the way, are my beautiful friends and neighbours in Cale Green, Simon and Mandy Morrison and their daughter Emma. The poster is available from, selected local galleries and shops and the best markets in the north west.


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Lymm poster

The Cheshire village of Lymm, hogging the scenic limelight between Warrington and Altrincham, has a lot to offer. It has a dam (a catch-all title that includes a tiny weir and largish lake), a quaint village centre complete with stocks, the curvaceous Bridgewater Canal, and more chi-chi shops and eateries than you can shake a baguette at. It even has something called the Bongs, like something from Lord of the Rings. Then there are all the ducks - the real ones around the lake and canal - and the plastic ones that compete in the annual duck race. All very hunky-dory, except that all those attractions come with a price - the crowds that flock there every weekend, clogging up the paths, roads, car fact everywhere. Oh the perils of being pretty...

Poster available from

Lymm poster from

Lymm poster from

Wigan poster for retiring former Labour Party Chairman

Sir Ian McCartney, the former MP for  Makerfield, who held posts in the Labour government's Cabinet and was also Party Chairman, received a framed Wigan poster by artist Eric Jackson to mark his retirement from local politics.

The presentation was made by incumbent Makerfield MP, Yvonne Fovargue, on behalf of the constituency. Sir Ian, whose latest role was head of Healthwatch Wigan, is moving back to Scotland.

The Wigan poster is one of over 25 images designed by former Manchester Evening News arts editor, TV critic and travel editor Eric Jackson, who quit journalism last year to return to his first love of painting.

Working under the company name of Statement Artworks, Eric sells his 'modern retro' posters, which combine the look of old travel posters with edgy, tongue-in-cheek messages, at markets and at various galleries and shops through the Greater Manchester and Cheshire region.

You can see his full range of work at

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Urmston, Flixton, Davyhulme poster by Eric Jackson

OK, it's not the Bermuda Triangle, but it still has its own mythology and mysteries. Bordered by the Ship Canal and the Mersey, Urmston, Flixton and Davyhulme are virtually unknown to people from outside the area - the proverbial end of the line. But when outsiders do stray into that triangular patch, they are often pleasantly surprised by the leafy streets, fine houses and semi-rural oases, and the Urmston Bookshop is an absolute gem. Just one elephant in the room, which people try to ignore but can't - the sewage works. You can buy this poster through or you can buy it at Knutsford and Altrincham markets this weekend (Feb 6-7).

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